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Inspiring Women Around the World | International Women's Day

Imagine not being to read a medicine label, or not having the numeracy skills to calculate change during a shopping trip.

Thanks to our customers, fewer women are struggling to cope with such everyday tasks.


Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world, with nearly 24 million Pakistani children - 16 million of which are girls - out of school1. To help make basic education accessible to all, regardless of sex, class or background.

Tielle is working with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) to bring about positive social change through education.

Since the first batch of students enrolled 15 years ago, Tielle has helped TCF establish 1,411 schools in over 100 of the worst slums and villages in Pakistan, enrol 204,000 students across the TCF network and maintain a 50% female ratio at most campuses. A full female faculty of 12,000 members has also been established to help encourage more girls into education2.

Find out how, from Field to Bed, your Tielle bed linen is helping girls like Mahnoor and Amna positively change their lives, and their communities, and bring an end to the global gender gap.


Mahnoor Khursheed


After graduating from Al-Muhaimin Campus-II, Quaidabad, Mahnoor completed her matric in 2011 and secured an A+. She’s now undertaking a 5 year Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) programme at Ziauddin University.

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Amna Pervaiz


Amna completed her matric from TCF Bhittaiabad 2011 and went on to secure an A in Inter in pre-medical subjects. She’s now studying a 5 year Pharmacy programme at Karachi University in order to pursue a clinical pharmacy or research career.

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