Making A Positive And Tangible Difference

Changing Attitudes

We’ve always believed sleep’s important, but not everyone’s shared this belief along the way. Back in the 80s, sleep was almost seen as a luxury. These days, everyone and their dog knows it’s as important as the air we breathe.

Sadly, not everything about sleep is as cosy as a Tielle hotel quality duvet the linen industry is rife with social imbalances, shady supply chains and false packaging descriptions; practices we abhor. That’s why we only work with partners and support projects and initiatives that share our ethical values. We want our business benefits to extend way beyond a great night’s sleep.

Feel-good Cotton

Few things get the Tielle team as excited as the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). This non-profit organisation trains cotton farmers in water efficiency, caring for natural habitats, reducing the use of harmful chemicals and respecting workers’ rights. By sourcing cotton through the BCI, Tielle is supporting this global cotton sustainability programme and, as a Tielle customer, so are you!

BCI benefits:

  • Two million licensed farmers
  • One million metric tones of Better Cotton (2018)
  • 21 counties

Dreams and Goals

Fine linen expert and Tradelinens founder, Robert has been supplying world-leading hotels with luxury linen for over 30 years. We launched Tielle by Tradelinens in 2015 to help everyone enjoy the health and wellness benefits of a great night’s sleep. Find out more

In making the exclusive inclusive we focus on three core aspects of business close to our heart: People, the Planet and Perfection.


Our Team

We want the Tielle name to be synonymous with ethical luxury, and work hard to promote a transparent, open culture that’s positive, impactful and fulfilling. Our own dream team are an inspiring, passionate bunch driven by a commitment to positively impacting the world.

Our Makers

We want everyone involved in the Tielle supply chain to eat, sleep and live as well as they can. We do this by supporting initiatives that improve workers lives across the global supply chain.


Tielle proudly support the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and adheres to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SA8000 accreditations to ensure ethical workplace practices.


Our work with The Citizen Foundation (TCF) in Pakistan supports the education of underprivileged children.


Our employee care extends to workers within our family run mills, with benefits that include life insurance, free transport, pensions and medical insurance. We have a policy of zero tolerance for child labour.


We are committed to ensuring high standards of animal welfare at every step by only working with leading and reputable suppliers. We only use materials which are a bi-product of the food industry and that are not associated with live harvesting. We choose to work with suppliers who are active members of the EDFA - the European Down & Feather Association who ensure stringent enforcement of good animal welfare behaviours.



The best things come in small packages, so we never package excessively to create an illusion of quality or to charge more as some manufacturers do. All your beautifully made linen and bedding arrives clean and dry in perfectly sized recyclable packaging. Your Tielle pillows and duvets come in reusable storage bags to avoid unnecessary waste. Packaging waste within our ISO 14000 certified warehouse goes to recycling, not landfill.


We sleep better knowing we’re having a positive impact on the world. To minimise our carbon footprint, we favour sea travel over air. We also only use UK and Irish suppliers for our pillows and duvets and ethically-sourced European feather and down. Importing locally and in full container loads improves our environmental performance. It also makes it easier to maintain quality standards and transparency in the supply chain.


We’re perfectionists. We consider every stitch and every feather, and only use the highest quality ingredients and single ply yarn. These small but mega important details enable us to create the long lasting, responsibly-sourced luxury linen our five star hotel clients love – and their guests love even more.