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Wake Up with Tielle and Jo Lamaison

If you’re not a morning person, the thought of early morning work outs probably fills you with dread. But a little gentle yoga first thing can do more than boost your flexibility. It can help you start the day on a seriously positive note.

Whether you do yoga for five minutes a day or an hour, you’ll feel the benefits. Healthy habits also help to instil self-confidence and self-worth. So whether you want to feel energised, boost your brain power or start the day less stressed, it’s time to throw back the bed sheets and get yoga-ing with Tielle in collaboration with Jo Lamaison.



Trinity Laban trained dancer, Jo Lamaison, teaches yoga and dance across London and Hampshire. A Yoga Alliance member, Jo practices Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic style often referred to as meditation in motion that synchronises breath with movement. Her fun and informal yoga flow tutorials can be found via @joyogadance29