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Thrifty Ways to Repurpose Your Old Bedding and Towels

Give threadbare sheets and faded towels a new lease of life. Whether you’re creating a stylish eco-friendly bedroom or need to replace a faded old towel, why not repurpose old and unwanted bedding and towels with this planet-friendly guide to having fun around the house.


Instant movie screen

Now we’re all Netflix partying and exercising from home, why not magnify the experience by hanging your old white bed sheet in front of a projector? You could even take the screen outside.


3, 2, 1… Bake!

Who says you can’t look fabulous while baking banana bread and sourdough loaves? With Paper and Stitch’s guide to sewing an apron in 10 minutes you’ll whip up an apron faster than you can whip up a cake.

How to sew an apron in 10 minutes. Click through for the tutorial.

Image | Paper & Stitch


Plant protection

Protect tender plants from cold nights and frost by draping an old cotton sheet over plant beds and pots. Use stakes where necessary to prevent it from squashing the foliage and secure well. You don’t want your flat or fitted sheet flying off in the middle of the night!


No-sew face mask

Cotton’s ability to capture small particles yet remain breathable makes old pillowcases perfect for making a no-sew face mask. We love the Sarah Maker quick and easy guide to making a DIY face mask that looks good and costs zilch.

two types of no-sew face masks using a bandanna and a shirt

Image | Sarah Maker


Tie-dye pillowcase tote

Tie-dying is having a renaissance. Embrace the trend by using everyday waste from the kitchen, such as onion skins and carrot tops to tie-dye an old pillowcase  and turn it into a colourful shopping tote.  Just add white vinegar and elastic bands.


Dog towels

Old towels are ideal for drying dogs after muddy or rainy walks. You can also donate any old towels and blankets to animal sanctuaries, or turn old towels into toys for fetch or tug-o-war games . Pillows can also make great small dog beds.


DIY tepee

Glamp in style at home with a homemade tepee. Whether it’s for yourself or the kids, what better way to reuse large bedsheets that may otherwise be clogging up wardrobes and drawers?  We love DIY Diva’s instructions on making a tepee out of white sheets.


Image | DIY Divas


DIY hammock

Get the holiday beach experience with a homemade hammock. To create your own lazy day hammock, why not check out the Camille Styles blog and simply swap the muslin for your old cotton bed sheets. Now, time for a nap…


Jam straining bag

Can’t find any muslin for straining your homemade preserves? No fret, clean bedsheets are just as good at separating the good stuff from the seeds and stray bits of fruit. Simply spoon the mixture into a pillowcase and squeeze it into your bowl. Wash and reuse next time you make jam.


DIY rag bath mat

Grab your giant knitting needles and turn old towels and bedsheets into a DIY rag rug.  You could even colour match your rag rug to your bathroom by dying it first, but if that all sounds like too much effort, our gorgeous fluffy non slip bath mats have a beautifully textured feel.

bath rug double sided luxury