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Summer Snoozing

Forget the clocks going forward to mark the start of British summertime - it’s really the weather that dictates when we truly feel summer has arrived!


With the welcome sun comes the less welcome hot and humid nights. By all means grab a fan, have a cold shower before bed and do whatever else springs to mind, but when it comes to your bedding here are some simple truths and tips:



Swap your Duvet


The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet. Most luxury hotels use a natural filled 10.5 tog duvet to get the right weight, look and feel for their hotel. However, most hotel rooms have perfect temperature control, so for hot summer nights, a good quality 4.5 tog down or luxury microfibre quilt is ideal.


Keep it Simple


If you’re prone to night sweats and tired of fighting with your bedclothes, try swapping your duvet for layers of easily removable cool, crisp sheets.

Also, get rid of blankets on the bed and store them in breathable cotton storage bags or rolled up in cotton sheets. Sweaty plastic or non-breathable bags can cause mildew to form.


Cotton is King


Cotton may have a natural beauty and luxe factor that 5* hotels love but it’s also one of the most breathable fabrics, cleverly wicking moisture away from the skin.

Helping to keep the body cool on warm days yet warm on cool days, some sleeping beauties prefer the feel of cotton percale in summer as it’s cool and crisp on the skin.


Perilous Polyester


Steer clear of polyester! Yes, it is another common type of easy-to-wash bedding fabric, but this man-made fibre won’t repel or absorb moisture, making you more likely to sweat, especially in higher temperatures.


Wash your linen


Dust mites favour warmer temperatures, so wash your linen more frequently than you might at cooler times of the year. Opt for a minimum 60 degrees Celsius wash and air dry when possible to reduce static cling. Although energy-saving, washing at a lower temperature won’t kill off dust mites and germs and could leave you sneezing all night long.