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Simple Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

Goodbye summer, winter’s on its way. But don’t despair, we’ve conker fights and bonfires to look forward to. And foraging sloes for sloe gin. Sure, there’ll be no mood-boosting sunshine to bask in once the clocks go back. Or perfect sunny blue skies. But when else can we unapologetically binge on boxsets? Dine on winter warmers? Or layer up in cosy knits? Embrace the great British winter and let’s have some fun!


1 Go stargazing

Winter’s evening sky hosts a sparkling array of stars. Look up at a clear sky from your local park, garden or one of the UK’s top spots for stargazing. You may even see a shooting star.


2 Roast sweet chestnuts

If you don’t fancy smashing conkers, roast sweet chestnuts instead. These heart- healthy nutty treats are ideal cold-weather comfort food and easy to forage in late autumn, especially after a storm.


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3 Have a movie marathon

Dark winter nights are made for movie marathons and back-to-back TV. Think of it as research for work or the book you plan to write, not sitting on your derrière all night long.


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4 Light candles

Autumn is all about finding ways to get cosy and keep the cold at bay. Embrace the feel-good Danish concept hygge with a few flickering candles – one of life’s simplest joys.


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5 Take a hike

There’s little more invigorating than a bracing winter stroll. A brisk 10-minute daily walk also counts towards our recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise. And helps us think.

6 Cosy up by the fireplace

Give this classic winter activity extra snuggle-factor by dimming lights and wrapping up warm before indulging in activity no. 3.


7 Take a Duvet Day

Not in the mood for work? Can’t face getting up? ‘Duvet days’ are increasingly commonplace, allowing staff to take the odd day off work, snuggle up under the duvet and de-stress. Just make sure your duvet’s up to the job.


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8 Break out the slow cooker

Hot food is more appealing once the sweater weather arrives. Stuff the pot with healthy, antioxidant-rich foods to elevate your mood, help you through the flu season and enjoy a good night’s sleep.


9 Declutter your home

With so much time indoors, winter is a chance to declutter your home.  ‘A cluttered space not only makes a room look busy and less attractive, but it overloads the senses, making it harder to switch-off and get a good night’s sleep’, says decluttering expert Arianna Steigman


10 Give a warm hug

Want to know what makes Brits happiest? According to a recent survey by P&G to mark the #FeelSuper campaign with Superdrug in aid of Marie Curie, it’s a warm hug. Embrace this dopamine-releasing, buddy-boosting activity with open arms. Tell us how it felt #tielleloveluxury