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How to turn your bedroom into a 5-star hotel (for a bargain price)

There are few things better than burrowing into bed at a 5-star hotel.

The crisp white linens, the perfectly plumped pillows and a mattress with an ideal soft-to-firm ratio is the closest thing we earthbound creatures have to climbing into clouds.

And sleep is big business. Today’s hoteliers spend an enormous amount of time and money getting the combination exactly right to guarantee guests luxurious napping.

Major hotel chains have opened design labs to experiment with different types of rooms, décor and ambience to improve slumber – from windows that function as alarm clocks by gradually letting light through or gadgets that enable guests to wake up to the smell of coffee.

While you may not be able to go that far – here’s what you can do to turn your bedroom into a 5-star hotel this summer.


When Westin Hotel’s & Resorts shelled out $50 million to test every mattress on the market before launching their own, they discovered that an all-white ensemble of linens was essential.

It creates a ‘halo effect’ and hotel managers report that guests think a suite has been completely redone when nothing has been changed other than replacing colourful bedding with simple but smart white linen. So start with white.

So start with white.

The silky yet crisp sheets you slide into at luxury hotels tend to clock in at around the 300-thread-count mark. They are always cotton because they are breathable and help you stay cool, so steer clear of cheaper microfibre varieties.

Top Picks:

Tielle Bedding is beloved by 5 star hotels including The Ned, Dorchester and Goring.

Effortlessly smooth, crafted from quality cotton in a satin weave – it is smooth sheet heaven.

The Tielle Classic Hotel 300-thread count bed linen set are like those used at Firmdale Hotels, Pig Hotels and Limewood Hotels.

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