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How to make a luxury hotel bed

Ever slept at a hotel and wished you could enjoy the same level of style and comfort at home? Was the duvet light and fluffy? The pillows soft and billowy? Did the bed sheets look as luxurious as they feel? We asked British Institute of Interior Design member (BIID) Emma Hooton of Studio Hooton for advice on how to recreate that luxury hotel bed look and feel at home.


1. Bed


"Start with the foundations of a good night’s sleep: a great bed and mattress. It’s where you’ll spend a third of your day. Test before buying to make sure they offer the right support, comfort and space, then style with a beautiful upholstered headboard. We especially love the The Headboard Workshop for its lovely ribbed and winged shapes."


2. Bedlinen


"Many clients assume a high thread count is a measure of quality and comfort, but there are so many factors at play. A 300tc or 400tc sheet woven from good quality cotton usually provides all the luxe factor you need. It’s also the thread count of choice for many top hotels. We always recommend classic white sheets rather than coloured as these stay fresh looking and never go out of style."

What is good quality linen? Hear linen expert Joe Molloy talk to Gilly Craft, President of BIID about why quality matters.



3. Pillows


"There’s no ‘best for everyone pillow’ – your sleeping position and personal preferences can affect the one you’ll love best. Many top hotels find a high quality feather and down pillow provides guests with the perfect balance of luxury, softness and support. Place one or two pillows per person on top of the bed sheet."


4. Duvet


"A snug, billowy feather and down duvet is the mainstay of any luxury retreat or hotel. Many top hotels use a natural filled 10.5 tog duvet to get the right weight, look and feel for their hotel, and to create a fabulous night’s sleep for their guests."


5.  Quilts and layers


"Next, layer the bed with a gorgeous linen throw for that chic boutique hotel look. Drape the bedspread over the entire bed to create an elegant blank canvas for your larger pillows, accent cushions and stylish throw."


6. Square pillows


"Leisurely bedtime reads wouldn’t be complete without big, ultra-comfy pillows to support your back and neck. Place the squares on top of the standard pillows and over your stylish white cotton throw for an inviting hotel-at-home look."


7. Cushions & bolster


"Add a pop of colour to your scheme with two cushions that tie in with the headboard. The cushions don’t have to match the headboard, they just need an element in common such as colour, style or scale. For that added hotel-esque feel, add a long bolster pillow across the front."


8. Stylish throw

"Complete the look with a lovely coloured or textured throw draped across the  end or corner of the bed. It’ll add the colour, interest and added warmth no self-respecting luxury hotel bed would be seen without!"


Studio Hooton is based in London and Winchester and carry out contemporary interior design projects across the south of England, from Soho to the Cotswolds.