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How To Dress a Super King Bed

Ever slept in a hotel bed and wished you could create the same look and feel at home? By going big with your bed and learning how to dress your super king bed well, you’ll enjoy the same luxury sleep experience as guests at iconic five-star hotels.


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Why Choose A Super King Bed?

Is a Super King Bed Right For You & Your Bedroom?

How To Make A Super King Bed

Which Are the Best Bed Sheets and Duvet Covers for Super King Beds?

The Best Super King Pillows and Duvets


Why Choose A Super King Bed?


While it's nice to cosy up with your partner in a bed of crisp bedding, you need plenty of space to stretch out as you sleep. If you wake to find an elbow in your face or your leg dangling off the side, it may be time to trade up to a king or super king size bed if you want a better night’s sleep.

A standard double bed (53” x 75”) gives two adults just 2 ft 3in width each – the same as the average cot. Upgrading to a king or super king size bed will also help you avoid being woken by a restless partner or from Fido's twitching paws if your dog shares your bed. Making sure you buy a breathable cotton super king duvet cover to fit your new king size bed is vital. You don’t want to over stuff a duvet cover or to get too toasty in the night. Other super king bedding you’ll need include super king sheets and pillows made from a dreamy high-quality fill.


How to test bed size


A quick way to check if you have enough space in bed is to lie on a mattress on your back next to your partner with your hands behind your heads and elbows out to either side. If your elbows touch, the bed is too small.


Is a Super King Bed Right For You & Your Bedroom?


When it comes to beds, size matters. The bigger the bed, the better you’ll sleep as a couple – especially if either of you toss or turn at night. Yet buying a bed that’s too small is a common bedroom design mistake, says interior expert Emma Hooton of Hooton Studios.

‘A bed is never as big as you imagine in a room as it sits so low down, so push yourself to go for the biggest you can. Your bedroom is for sleeping so you don’t need lots of floor space - you just need to be able to move around the bed. Allow yourself 40-50cm either side for bedside tables or, if the bed and bedside tables sit against a wall with little room either side, a beautiful upholstered headboard with built-in sockets stretching wall-to-wall can look great. It’ll also give the room a super cosy feel. In guest rooms where you need greater flexibility, consider zip and link beds. These are two beds with mattresses that can be zipped together to form a larger bed. A super king is a good idea here as it will create two decent sized singles.’

For more bed inspo, read Emma's guide to making a luxury hotel bed.

Image: Hooton Studios


Take a look at The Original Bed Co. for super king bed ideas for your room.


How To Make A Super King Bed


You spend eight hours every night in your bed - that’s a staggering 17 weeks of every year. Learn how to make a king bed or super king bed look and feel like your favourite luxury hotel’s.


  1. Put on a topper
  2. Cover with a mattress protector
  3. Add a flat sheet.
  4. Top with a gorgeous natural fill duvet or microfibre duvet
  5. Place two pillows at the head of the bed and accent pillows
  6. Cover with a cotton bedspread


How to make a bed like a hotel




Which Are the Best Bed Sheets and Duvet Covers for Super King Beds?


A super king bed can be an impressive bedroom centrepiece when dressed in dazzling white cotton sheets. If you’re upgrading from a king size bed to a bigger super king bed, you’ll also need super king bedding that feels great and fits like a dream.


How do you want your bedding to feel?


Nothing beats jumping into bed with beautiful sheets, but with so many things to navigate, from thread count to weave, buying new linen can be a complicated task. Just as a good meal depends on quality ingredients, good linen relies on the quality of the yarn, processing and finishing – not just the thread count which is purely a construction term. Whether you go for percale or sateen woven linen will also determine how your linen looks and feel.



Percale uses a simple ‘one thread over, one thread under’ pattern of construction – this makes your super king sheets and super king duvet cover cool and crisp to the touch. Tielle 200tc thread count is loved by The Lanesborough and Royal Garden Hotel.

Sateen uses a ‘one thread under, three threads over’ pattern of construction – this makes your super king sheets and super king duvet cover feel buttery soft and smooth. Many 5-star hotels love the smart, silky-soft look of sateen bedding including Limewood, The Pigs and Firmdale Hotels.

Don’t forget super king pillow protectors to keep your pillows looking hotel-esque.

Learn to choose linen like a pro.


How do you want your linen to look?


High quality white bedlinen is the go-to look for five-star hotels. Timelessly stylish and oozing calm, white bed linen provides the perfect backdrop to any other hues or textures in the room.

To create a dreamy bedroom sanctuary, keep bedding white and add pattern, texture and colour in your accent cushions and a stylish throw . Patterned bedding can make a room feel busy and cluttered, and date quickly. Colour-rich linen can also fade in the wash.

Read our guide to why white bedding is always right and find out why even when fashions change, white bed linen is always in vogue.


The Best Super King Pillows and Duvets


A super king bed needs super king pillows (50 x 90cm) rather than standard size pillows (48 x 74cm) that fit a double or king size bed. You’ll also need two super king pillowcases and cotton zipped pillow protectors to keep your pillows looking good.

While there is no ‘one style fits all’ with duvets and pillows, there is a super king feather duvet or super king down duvet  and pillow made for you. The way you sleep – whether you’re a side, back or front sleeper - along with your preferences and health needs will also determine which duvet or super king size pillow is best. Get the best duvet for the perfect night’s sleep.



When it comes to looks, few things are as inviting as a beautifully made bed. To create a luxury hotel bed at home, layer your super king duvet with a white cotton bedspread  and add square pillows on top of super king pillows for leisurely bedtime reads. Tie the scheme together with colourful cushions and add a long bolster pillow across the front for a bed that will beg you to sleep in.


Learn how to make a bed like a hotel over on our Youtube page.