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How to choose the right bedding for you

Do you love climbing into a wonderfully comfy bed furnished with soft, smooth linen and a plump pillow at the end of a long day?

Selecting quality bedding will help you to enjoy a great night's sleep time after time. However, it is easier said than done when every bed linen brand promotes 'quality'. Fortunately, we have pulled together a quick guide on how to create a luxurious, hotel quality bed you will be sure to love.


Bed linen


Above all, Tielle recommends bed linen that's made of 100% high-grade long-staple cotton. Quality 100% cotton bedding will have a direct effect on how long your bedding will last. Yarn made from long staple cotton will produce light, soft and long-lasting sheets. It is not only breathable and soft, but it also has superior strength over polycotton or polyester alternatives so although it may be slightly pricier, given the right care, it will last longer and will be more cost effective in the long run.

Bed linen is often ranked by thread count. But what is thread count? Thread could is simply the number of horizontal and vertical threads in a square inch of cloth. In a 200 thread count cloth you might have 110 threads running vertically and 90 running horizontally, giving the fabric a crisp, cool feel. In a 400 thread count cloth, you might have 120 vertical threads and 280 horizontal threads, creating a softer, warmer sheet.

The myth is that a higher thread count means better quality, but as the fibres within the fabric become more densely packed it can make the bedding heavier and less breathable. Therefore, having a high thread count bed linen doesn't always mean the bedding is superior. If you are prone to hot flushes or night sweats then a lower thread count in a high quality cotton may be more suitable. Many hotels find 300 thread sheets are the perfect balance in terms of luxury and practicality.




On the whole, goose down duvets are generally considered more luxurious than duck feather duvets. This is because down tends to be softer than feathers, has fewer sharp stalks and has a better ability to retain heat. There are also excellent synthetic options available for those with allergies who still want that ultra-soft duvet.

Choosing which tog is right for you will depend on how warm you like to be at night. Many choose a 10.5 tog duvet all year round and layer up with additional blankets or throws during the winter months.




It's key to ensure your pillows are suited for your sleep style to give you the maximum support. Our Savoy duck feather and down pillows are our most popular pillows and provide comfort and support while you sleep.


Where do hotels buy their bedding?


Getting the hotel treatment at home is easier than ever. Tielle's parent company has been the supplier of choice to over 5000 hotels worldwide for over 30 years, and Tielle's range of bedding and duvets is the same as you'll sleep on at those hotels!

We've even created ready-for-bed options that take the hassle out of choosing your bedding. So, whether you're a Snuggle Sleeper or a Free Sleeper, Tielle's got you covered!