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How often should you wash your bedding?

Undeniably one life's simple pleasures is the feeling of sliding in between fresh sheets at the end of a long day; and it turns out we're not alone!   In fact in a recent BUPA survey of The 50 little things that make Britons happy, number one was sleeping in a freshly made bed.  So whilst we might all love the idea of fresh bedding everyday, how often should we be changing and washing our bedlinen and are we doing it enough?




When it comes to staying hygenic and fresh in the bedroom department, unfortunately the answer is a resounding no!  In a YouGov survey they found that "a third of the British public (33%) fall into the "Weekly Washers" category; the largest group is the "Two-Weekers", at 35%; and the third group, those who wash sheets less frequently, every 3,4,5,6 or 7 weeks, we call the "Au Naturels".



So knowing how much we love that freshly made bed feeling and to make sure that you get more 'aah' than 'ugh' in the bedroom, we recommend washing them once a week at a minimum of 60c to destroy bacteria and keep your whites bright white.  It's worth remembering that that our linens can be washed up to 90c which we recommend you do for your first wash to remove any finishing from the production process and to activate the built in shrinkage for a perfect fit.

Avoid over drying but line drying where possible or stopping the tumble drier whilst the bedding is still slightly damp, this avoids baking in creases and damaging the fabric.  Then run a hot iron over pillowcases on the cotton setting - not only does this kill any lasting bacteria but it also looks beautiful on the bed.