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Hip and Healthy on why you need to invest in your bed

Our co-founder Robert Lancaster Gaye has been sharing his knowledge with Hip and Healthy on why we should all invest more in our beds and his top tips for ensuring you have the best nights sleep.


"What makes Tielle Love Luxury's linen so incredibly soft and luxurious?


We work with carefully selected mills, each are master craftsmen of the products they make. We insist on the highest quality and our textile expertise mean that we can carefully consider each individual part of the process to ensure each of our products are the very best of their kind. From our Cool & Crisp percale to our Smooth & Silky sateen, each line is chosen with care to meet the exact standards of our hotel clients and withstand the rigours of the daily laundering.


What would you say are the hero products from the collection?


Without a doubt, our Savoy feather and down pillows are one of our most requested products; along with our Classic Hotel 300tc bed linens. 


classic hotel bedlinen set

Your filled products are incredibly popular. Why is it important for people to invest in good quality duvets and pillows?


We spend a 1/3 of our lives with our head buried in our pillows and under our duvets, so we're often surprised to hear how little thought or investment people make into them. A pillow that's responsibly made from high-quality ingredients will last around three years - that's 1000 sleeps - before losing its ability to fluff up and offer effective support. A good quality pillow will also bounce back well after being washed properly. Our Savoy pillow is our single most popular pillow and is a blend of high-quality feather and down. Our grade 1 feather and down is all sourced as a by-product of the food industry and cleaned to in excess of EU regulations, then hand filled to our exact specification into double  stitched 100% cotton pillow casings to ensure no escaping filling.


How should we look after our duvets and pillows?

We recommend always using pillow protectors on pillows and washing these on a hot wash every other time you wash your pillowcases. They will prolong the life of your pillows and stop nasty marks. We always recommend that you have your natural fill pillows and duvets professionally washed to avoid damaging the filling through over drying and for synthetic ones always carefully follow the instructions on the label but a good quality pillow will bounce back well after being washed properly."


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