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Happiness is a good night's sleep with Molly Goddard, Desmond & Dempsey

Sleep - it's the best way to induce happiness, according to new research by BP. BP's Feel Good Index also shows it's the little things in life that make us happy, while a happiness slump often stems from having too much on your mind. We asked Molly Goddard, co-founder of luxury pyjama brand Desmond & Dempsey, why she believes pyjamas can help us all live a happier, calmer life.



How did D&D begin?


Joel and I began D&D in 2014 after two years Skype dating in our PJs! I'm from Australia, and when I finally moved to the UK, I began wearing one of Joel's shirts around the house (there's something very intimate about wearing a BF's shirt). Spotting a gap in the PJ market, we began making our own.


What's special about pyjamas?


We live in a culture that worships speed. Changing into your favourite PJs after a long day is the best way to de-stress and prepare your mind and body for sleep.


What inspires your designs?


We see ourselves as storytellers, with each collection conveying the sights, sounds and stories of our travels abroad. D&D designers, Alice and Christian, capture those stories beautifully using a mix of artist mediums and techniques in our Brixton studio. Slipping on your D&Ds has the same calming effect as story time before bed.


Tell us your best pyjama story


Joel and I recently took a road trip through the Golden State where we met some real legends of the California dream including Clive Moorten, who runs The Morten Botanic Garden - a living museum of desert lore in Palm Springs. The trip was amazing but the desert climate was so hot all our photos turned green! Alice made this a feature by painting directly over the images, which is why some of our Pendeltones collection is named The Morten Effect.


Can pyjamas change the world


Well in our small way we can be a little bit of comfort or luxury for people in difficult times. We sometimes get calls from people or the family and friends of those who need sleepwear for a hospital stay or a special occasion. It's heartwarming to think of our PJs are helping during life's big events.


How are they made?


A lot of thought goes into the design and manufacturing of our PJs; the whole process takes about a year. Our designs are printed and manufactured in ethically-accredited European factories. Our mill is the biggest in Spain to be powered with renewable energy! As we don't follow trend reports, all our PJs, nightdresses and robes are unlike anything you'll see in the high street or even online.


Molly's dream day


Wake in my D&D best

- Mine are from our first ever collection, DEIA


Relax with The Sunday Paper

- Our fabulous, feel-good printed broadsheet we send customers


Enjoy a long breakfast (as Aussie, I'm very particular about breakfasts)

- Joel makes the best scrambled eggs in the world


Potter around the house

- Rearranging furniture makes me happy!


Meet family and friends

- For lunch, but not in my PJs, though Joel sometimes wears his Cuban PJ shirt out


Watch a movie

- I love curling up on the sofa in my D&Ds


Jump into bed

- There's nothing like fresh sheets and fresh D&Ds