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Give the gift of sleep this Christmas

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Want your present to be valued, rather than un-lovingly stashed under the bed? Give the gift sleep this Christmas and you'll please everyone, from deliriously sleepy new parents to busy friends who like nothing more than a lazy weekend morning tucked up in bed.


Sleep mask


A gorgeous eye mask not only makes the perfect luxury gift, it's practical with a capital P. Made from soft bamboo silk fabric and infused with natural lavender scents, this comfy, light-blocking sleep mask will send loved ones to sleep in no time. Perfect for the night shifters, jet setters and light-sleepers in your life. Migraine sufferers will love it too.


Image: Masters of Mayfair - The Sleep Mask


Sleep scents


Life is always so much better when you wake feeling refreshed. Treat friends and families sense to a therapy balm that clears the head and mind and supports a good night's sleep. Sometimes its the smallest things that have the biggest impact on our life.


Image: Scentered Sleep-Well Therapy Balm


Sleep couture


Success doesn't start in the boardroom, it starts in the bedroom because good sleep sharpens our brains. Help loved ones drift effortlessly and stylishly from dawn to dusk with loungewear that can double up as sleepwear. The Luxe and Lounge Sleep set can even be worn outdoors with jeans or a tee.


Image: Luxe and Lounge Sleep set 


Dreamy Pillow


We spend a third of our life asleep and more time with our pillow than anyone else.  Gift someone a hotel-style sleeping experience with the same gorgeous pillow luxury hotels use. Customise the pillowcase with their initials as a special treat.



Cosy robe


Bath and bedtime wouldn't be complete without a big hug of a robe. Treat someone you love to that hotel-at-home feeling with a plush, fluffy hotel-quality bathrobe. Personalise it with their name or initials or a special message to make it truly theirs.





There's nothing more calming than a flickering flame. These authentic-looking pillow candles with a slot for a tealight (go soy wax or beeswax for a clean candle experience) are the ideal 'winding down before bed' gift. Perfect after a busy day at work.


Image: Eichholtz artificial candles


Sleep tech


Intrusive light and noise can stop you from falling asleep and getting that much needed quality kip. Help someone you know live a happier, healthier 2019 with noise-cancelling and noise-masking headphones, earphones or ear plugs that block out unwanted night-time noise. Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds are pre-loaded with soothing sounds.


Sleep apps


Know someone that struggles to get off to the land of nod? Give the gift of calm with a mindfulness app offering sleep-based guided meditations, hypnotic soundtracks and relaxing music that helps relax the body and mind and ease you into a deep sleep. We love the apps Headspace and Calm .