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Creating the most cosy Winter bedroom

Businesswoman Arianna Huffington swears by it. Jezz Bezos, the world’s richest man, can’t manage without it. We’re not talking coffee. Or technology. We’re talking eight hours sleep. And while we don’t need more sleep in winter than summer, despite our urge to hibernate, creating a warm, inviting winter bed may just help you get the sleep you need to feel fabulous and to function at your best.


Start layering the winter bed from the bottom up.


Step 1: Mattress protector


Show your bed some love by layering first with a mattress protector. This will help protect the mattress from wear and stains, and keep it mite-free. Look for a comfy quilted protector made from 100% breathable cotton to help maintain the perfect sleeping temperature, and make sure it fits snugly. You don’t want your mattress protector pinging off in the middle of the night.


Top pick: Tielle quilted mattress protector 

Comfy and quilted for a great night’s sleep


Step 2: Mattress topper


Mattress toppers are the unsung hero of the winter bed. Hidden from the eye, the right topper creates a sumptuously warm and cosy sleep experience, although arguably they may make it harder to get out of bed! Look for a generously-filled natural topper in a soft, breathable cotton-case that’s tightly woven. This will prevent annoying down or spiky feathers poking through.



Top pick: Luxury Down Surround Topper 

A sumptuously indulgent handcrafted down topper


Step 3: Dreamy duvet


A cosy duvet to crawl into on a dark winter’s night is a must. One of those bedroom essentials you wonder how people ever lived without. As most homes now have central heating gone are the days of needing a winter-specific duvet – just a good quality all-seasons 10.5 tog duvet. This will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, preventing night-time sweats.

Feather and down are best for warmth, comfort and breathability; the duvet’s softness or weightiness depends on the finish and fill. Natural down is soft and lightweight, whereas feathers provide bulk and weight. Some luxury microfibre duvets also have a lovely natural duvet look and feel and are a great option for guest rooms and children's bedrooms.


luxury hotel white bed linen

Top Pick: Signature Norvegr Siberian White Duck Down 

Our most luxurious and super-insulating Siberian duck down duvet


Step 4: Stylish throw 


No article on layering would be complete without a throw or blanket, the mainstay of any cosy Autumn and Winter bedroom scheme. Providing an extra layer of bed warmth, a stylish throw or blanket also help adds interest and depth to interiors and can look great slung over a cosy bedroom chair.


White hotel luxury bed linen

Top pick: Grey Alaskan Fox Faux Fur

Grey faux fur complements crisp white bed linen perfectly