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Choosing The Best Bedding & Bed Sheets For Babies and Cot Beds

Night feeds, nappy changing and constant juggling – it's tough work being a new parent, especially when you’re suffering from a lack of sleep. Help your baby get the safe and comfortable sleep he or she needs in order to develop with our guide to getting your cot bed bedding right.



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Choosing the right bedding for babies

Toddler bedding

How breathable cotton bedding can help toddlers sleep better

Getting Your Little One Ready For Bed

The Best Bedding & Bed Sheets For New Parents

How To Get The Best Night’s Sleep As A New Parent


Safe Sleep for Babies – Choosing the Right Bedding


Sleep - it’s what babies do best, but how they should sleep and your choice of cot bed bedding needs to follow expert advice. The Lullaby Trust recommends you keep your baby in a cot or Moses basket in the same room as you for the first six months, even during the day. It also recommends you lie a baby on his or her back. The only bedding you need for the first 12 months is a fitted sheet, breathable blanket or baby sleep bag. Pillows and bulky or loose bedding can increase the risk of SIDS.


How To Choose the Best Toddler Bedding


As your baby moves from a crib to a cot bed you’ll want to invest in other bedding. However, your cot bed bedding should be soft enough to protect baby's delicate skin. While cot bed bedding can be just as luxurious as high quality adult bedding, it’s specifically tailored to fit a cot-size bed. An easy to wash anti-allergy cot bed pillow and cot bed duvet that guards against dust mites and bacteria can also be preferable to a natural fill.

When it comes to softness, go for cot bed bedding made using a high quality long staple cotton from a retailer you can trust. Long staple yarn produces cloth that is stronger, softer and more durable than regular cotton - perfect for baby’s bed!

Our 400 thread count cot bed range is crafted from breathable, 100% premium cotton to provide the ultimate in nursery luxury. It’s also incredibly easy to wash.


Can Good Quality Cot Bed Linen Help Babies Sleep?


While there is no surefire way to make a baby sleep, you can help your baby know when it’s time for a nap. Cues such as closing the curtains, dimming the lights and keeping your voice quiet will help your baby learn the difference between sleep and wake time. A pacifier (dummy) and background noise can also help.

A bedtime routine can be introduced from three months if you feel ready – it can also be a nice chance to have one on one time with your child. Your baby’s routine might include having a bath, changing into night clothes, a goodnight cuddle - even singing a lullaby or playing a wind-up musical mobile. All these things can go a long way to help get your baby snoozing.

As your baby grows into a toddler, he or she will also benefit from the right cot bed duvet cover (24 months+) and toddler sleep aids such as cuddly toys (12 months+). Many toddlers love putting on their favourite pjs and having their favourite book read to them again and again! Investing in the best cot bedding for your little one, such as high quality cot bed linen made from soft, breathable cotton, will also help your baby settle and relax into sleep.


Tips For Getting Your Little One Ready For Bed


Getting babies and toddlers into a soothing bedtime routine will help them fall sleep more easily. It’s also a chance to have some quality parent and child time. Your bedtime routine could include giving baby a bath, drying him or her in a cosy towel or robe – see our family dressing gowns for ages 1+ - and singing a lullaby, dimming lights and putting baby to bed. Once baby’s in bed, focus on your own bedtime rituals by slipping into a waffle dressing gown and chilling out on your bed with a luxury bed throw (also great for hiding daytime clutter) with a good book.



Looking for a unique gift? Our baby hooded towels make a practical and stylish gift for new parents.


The Best Bedding & Bed Sheets For New Parents


Life is anything but easy when you've a newborn on the scene. Lack of sleep, milk spills and other daily challenges make easy to wash bedding a must. Invest in the best high quality bed linen for comfort and to help you drift more easily to sleep. The best high quality bedding sets and separates are also less likely to pile and are more resistant to stains.


Parent sleep advice


Even simple tasks can be challenging when you’re sleep deprived. While all babies are different, most newborns sleep on and off throughout the day and night. Try and sleep when your baby sleeps following The Lullaby Trust  safer sleep advice. Creating the perfect bedroom sanctuary and investing in naturally temperature regulating cotton bedding will go a long way to helping you drift into a slumber as baby sleeps in his or her Moses basket or cot.


Bedding tips


Managing housework can be tough with a baby in the house. While it's best to let go of all but the most essential housekeeping tasks for the first few weeks, investing in the right bedlinen will make it easier for you to enjoy a fresh, clean bed.


Easy to wash bedding

Washing high quality cotton bedding couldn’t be easier in your domestic machine. Avoid harsh chemicals and fabric softeners that can ruin the softness and colour and wash at 40-60 degrees, with colours split from whites. Line dry where possible to allow the natural air to flow through the threads and to remove the need for ironing, saving you time. Read our guide to caring for your bedding like a pro.


Go for white

Timeless, calming and relaxing - it’s no surprise hotels choose crisp white linen. White linen is also easier to wash and care for than coloured sheets, which can have colours that run in the water and bleed into your laundry. Pink underwear anyone? No, we thought not.


Protect mattress and pillows

Pillows and mattresses will benefit from a little TLC. To keep your pillow and mattress in tip-top condition invest in protectors – it’ll also prolong their life. Soft cotton zipped pillow protectors and fitted cotton mattress protectors  also protect from odour, dust mites and stains. Going for cotton is important as unlike synthetic protectors, cotton protectors are breathable and noise-free.



How To Get The Best Night’s Sleep As A New Parent


Newborns are the ultimate sleep stealers, regularly waking you at night. Snoozing when your baby does, night or day, will help you cope during those sleep-deprived early months.

It’s important to look after your own wellbeing needs as a new parent by eating well. Making your bed a pleasant place to relax with a gorgeous down duvet or feather duvet will also help you get some much-needed sleep. According to research, crisp, clean sheets bring comfort like nothing else and even improve sleep, as will the right luxury pillows to rest your weary head!

Go for quality, easy to wash cotton linen as this will make caring for your bedlinen easy and ensure it looks good wash after wash. Don’t be taken in by high thread counts either – 300tc-400tc bedlinen made from long staple cotton will provide all the luxury you need. Higher thread count bedding can be harder to wash and iron - exactly what new parents don’t need.

It’s wise to invest in the best duvet and pillow. They will look and feel better for longer and help you enjoy better quality sleep. Pillow lifespans vary widely, but hotel quality pillows can last up to three years – take the press or pillow test to find out if your pillow is past its best. A top of the range duvet such as our Hungarian White Goose Down  can last for ten to fifteen years before needing to be replaced or restored.