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Breathe Yourself To Sleep with Tielle and Jo Lamaison

Breathing - we do it without thinking about it, but when we’re anxious or stressed, our breathing often gets faster, resulting in shortness of breath. This can affect the way we think and feel. Breathing techniques such as Alternate Nostril Breathing can ‘switch off’ the stress response and help your body return to normal. Join us as yoga teacher Jo Lamaison guides us through this simple yet powerful technique.

Alternate Nostril Breathing
with Jo Lamaison

Find a comfortable position to sit, lengthen your spine and open your chest.

If you find cross legged uncomfortable, sit on a cushion and stretch your legs if you prefer.

Step 1: Place your thumb on one nostril and inhale

Step 2: Close your other nostril with your ring finger and retain the breath

Step 3: Release the thumb and breathe out

Step 4: Keeping your ring finger on the nostril, breathe in

Step 5: Close the thumb nostril and retain the breath

Step 6: Release the ring finger and breathe out

Keep doing this in your own time until you feel calm and relaxed.

“Did you know, eight weeks of mindful practice reduces the fear related anxiety activity in your brain” Jo Lamaison

 Trinity Laban trained dancer, Jo Lamaison, teaches yoga and dance across London and Hampshire. A Yoga Alliance member, Jo practices Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic style often referred to as meditation in motion that synchronises breath with movement. Her fun and informal yoga flow tutorials can be found via @joyogadance29