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Bedroom Décor and Bedding Trends To Inspire

As spaces not always on display to guests, bedrooms are often the last areas in the house to be shown some love. If you’re looking for some inspiration to spruce up your boudoir, consider some of these innovative ideas and forward-thinking trends curated by ELLE Decoration’s Editor in Chief Ben Spriggs.


Once the preserve of well-groomed grandmothers and eccentric aunts, the dressing table is making a comeback.

Thanks to the burgeoning trend of at home self-care, this elegant yet practical piece of furniture is a dedicated spot where you can prepare for the day ahead, take some time to indulge in wellness rituals or relax and get ready for bed. Having a place to create habits like these can feel like a real luxury, and there are a host of beautiful and affordable designs available, from cane and rattan to chic lacquer and beautifully crafted timber – an investment that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.


When it comes to bedlinen, think beyond the matching set and mix things up a bit.

Whereas it used to be all about coordination, the move now is towards a more eclectic approach that reflects your personality. Bed linen and throws are a great way to add colour and pattern, especially if you don’t want to commit to anything that’s more of an outlay price wise. And if you’re renting, investing in good linen means you can take it with you when you move. White sheets look great combined with an accent colour, and stripes, checks or florals will add even more character. Combining linens that have a key shade running through will help pull the look together, or alternatively, go for a colour ‘level’ - so pastel, very dark or bright for example. Going forward into 2023, a more daring addition will be metallic bedlinen – you heard that trend here first!



From an architectural point of view, the latest trend in bedroom design is sleeping nooks.

The idea is to position a bed so that the top end is in an alcove, creating an intimate den-like feel. If there’s existing built-in storage, remove doors to create an instant nook, or if you’re installing built in wardrobes, leave a space in the middle to position the bed.  Another option in a smaller bedroom is to position the bed directly against, and parallel to, the shorter wall, then enclose the space with curtains. This creates a cosy sleeping area that works with rather than against the limited space.


Upholstered headboards have seen a huge resurgence in popularity, thanks to the fact that they can be upholstered in eye-catching fabrics.

This creates an opportunity to bring colour, and more importantly pattern – also a big bedroom trend - into a space. Contemporary headboards can be as tall as you like, and if you have a high ceiling a large headboard can become a great focal point. Smaller designs can be attached to the bed, but larger sizes should be wall mounted - allow up to 7.5cm extra each side to accommodate bedding. Also on trend are wrap around headboards that mimic the shape of a wingback chair. These curvy designs are ideal if you want a cosy space to snuggle up in, but an architectural sleeping nook is out of the question.