Between The Sheets

Simple Life Hacks

10 minutes to spring clean your bedroom

Clean up your bedroom act this spring with our top tips on ditching the old and dusty in under 10 minutes flat!


Tidy up


Gather all of the misplaced items on the top of your dresser or bed, and put them in their correct place. Work towards creating a clutter free sleep zone by identifying the old and unnecessary in wardrobes and drawers and keeping only your most beautiful linen. Dump or donate everything else.



Clean surfaces


Roll up your sleeves and do a quick surface clean with a damp, clean cloth. Sweep or vacuum every nook and cranny to banish dirt and mite. Use a mix of lemon oil (non-synthetic), water and vinegar to clean and purify the air. Its refreshing smell will also help to put you in a positive vibe.



Make bed


Show your bed some love by getting into the habit of making it each day. William H McRaven, author of ‘Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life... And Maybe the World’, believes this daily ritual can positively impact your well-being and behaviour. Find out how to buy the right linen with our helpful buying guides located on the homepage.



Wash linen


Warm baths and freshly-laundered linen are two of our most valued small luxuries, according to a recent study. So treat them with respect. Chuck used bedding in a 60 degree wash or boil wash to remove tough stains, then iron while slightly damp. You’ll need to wash your linen more often as the weather warms. Get your bed summer ready with these expert tips.