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Wrap up warm this Winter

With the clock change and winter fast approaching, having the right duvet becomes as important as having a good winter coat.

It may not have buttons. Sharp tailoring. Or pockets for tissues and pens. But a feather and down duvet will make you feel snug, stylish and warm during the long, cold nights ahead.



Here’s our edit on what to consider:




Cotton is a soft, breathable fabric that will keep you cool and dry. Look for pillows and duvets bearing the NOMITE and OEKO-Cert Standard 100 mark. NOMITE certified bedding assures you the tightly woven cotton casing is anti-allergy, preventing down or feathers escaping and dust finding its way in. The OEKO-Cert Standard 100 mark is proof your bedding is safe for the environment and humans, which is especially important for products that come into contact with skin.




No-one wants to snuggle up next to filthy feathers and down. Feather and down bedding with the Downafresh mark is washed with water, dried at temperatures exceeding 100°C and disinfected to meet stringent European hygiene standards. Many of Tielle fills are also tested and certified to Japanese clothing standards, which are the toughest in the world.



The ratio of feathers to down determines a feather and down duvet’s weight and warmth. Natural down is extremely soft and lightweight, whereas feathers provide bulk and weight. A 10.5 tog feather and down duvet at a ratio of 70% feather to 30% down will create a fabulous, affordable year-round sleep experience. It’s also the weight used by many luxury hotels and retreats.




No-one wants to wake to find the fill has shifted to the bottom of the duvet. A beautifully engineered duvet is hand filled and hemmed into equally sized squares filled with the feather and/or down. It is then hand finished to ensure even distribution and warmth and the perfect drape.





If you care about people, animals and the environment, you’ll want your bedding to look good and do good too. Look for a duvet and pillows with the Downafresh mark as proof your product conforms to animal welfare standards, and check the seller’s corporate responsibility policy.  Many list this on their website. Company’s supporting accreditations such as European Feather and Down Association (EDFA) will give you the reassurance your bedding has been made using responsibly sourced fills.

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