Between The Sheets

Simple Life Hacks

Wind Down with Tielle and Jo Lamaison

If you struggle to chill after a busy day, adopting a sleep routine can help you relax. A calming bath or drink, simple breathing exercises - even writing down worries so they don’t plague you at night - can all help you get maximum Zzzz.

While you should avoid intense activity at least three hours before bedtime, low impact yoga helps to relax your body and mind before hitting the sheets. Tying yoga into your bedtime routine can also help you sleep better, feel better and even look healthier. Join Tielle in collaboration with Jo Lamaison as we guide you through the best bedtime yoga moves.



Trinity Laban trained dancer, Jo Lamaison, teaches yoga and dance across London and Hampshire. A Yoga Alliance member, Jo practices Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic style often referred to as meditation in motion that synchronises breath with movement. Her fun and informal yoga flow tutorials can be found via @joyogadance29