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Style your home with flowers and foliage

City life and smaller homes are fuelling our growing need to connect with the great outdoors. From flowering cacti to painterly floral walls, here are 5 ways you can luxe up your bathroom with nature, without replicating Grandma's décor.


In an apothecary jar


Seasonal blooms such as fluffy peonies, roses and delphiniums in summer are an instant mood-lifter, guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day. A sprig of greenery can be just as cheery, especially when placed in vintage apothecary jars.


Image: Pinterest

On the wall


Painterly floral wallpapers that merge artisan skills with digital production are bang on trend. Interiors expert Emma Hooton advises clients to be brave when using pattern and colour. “Patterns don’t have to match, they just need an element in common such as colour, style or scale to work. Mix and match patterns and colours for a deliberately over-decorated maximalist look.”


Images courtesy of Timorous Beasties 


In the air


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Plant displays can make a dramatic statement when hung from ceilings and walls. A big and billowy Boston Fern or String of Pearls can create a unique feature when dangled from the ceiling, while air-filtering succulents look great in pots mounted on walls.


In the corner


Standing in the corner can be a good thing. If you’re a plant, that is. Humidity-loving plants such as Monsteras, commonly known as the Swiss cheese plant, can transform a boring bathroom corner into a thing of botanical beauty. What’s more, their good all-round air cleaning properties may even help you sleep better.


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On the ceiling


Adding pops of colour or patterns isn’t just for walls. Decorating ceilings in non-conformist takes on traditional floral design is also playing a starring role in many interiors and, contrary to popular misconception, can make a room feel bigger, not smaller. It’s sure to be a conversation piece too.


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