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Men’s Bedroom Designs That’ll Make Your Date Want To Stay

Creating a romantic vibe for your date involves more than lighting, candles and a sprinkling of rose petals on the bed. From a bedroom that feels sensual and inviting, to cool, sexy music that helps you relax, creating the right environment will help you both feel good, connect more and ensure the conversation flows.



Interior design and styling for men’s bedrooms


The best bedroom styles rejuvenate a space and the person in it. They also need to set the mood for romance – after all, bedrooms aren’t always for sleep. Many interior designers are inspired by hotel bedrooms as décor in these interiors focus on creating intimate spaces that balance style and function.

Budget magazine-style masculine bedrooms can be created using crisp, white linen, plump pillows and a generous bed throw, transforming a ‘man cave’ into a bachelor pad bedroom.

Bedroom decoration should never overlook the star of any bedroom: the bed. Think hotel luxury by investing in a high-quality mattress and duvet, then dress your bed in a white duvet cover, elegant Oxford pillowcase and soft and silky sateen sheet. This will give you a classic hotel-at-home look, especially if you master how to make a luxury hotel bed. Save accent colours and textures for accessories such as cushions and throws.

It takes imagination and technical know-how to create a showstopping space. For expert help on how to style a bedroom or other room, contact a BIID Registered Interior Designer such as Tielle contributor Emma Hooton.


Create a romantic playlist for your date


Music brings people together, boosts happiness levels and can also say a lot about who you are. Creating a date night music playlist you can both enjoy will help you both relax and will ease any date night nerves.

A date night playlist with slushy love songs can feel a bit try-hard. Keep things casual by curating a playlist of easy-going tunes or stream a date night playlist from Spotify.

Sad, aggressive or sexually explicit date night music will likely be a passion killer, so choose date night songs that are less lyrically questionable, especially if you don’t know each other well.

Finding out your date’s music tastes before can be a smooth move as you’ll be able to personalise the date night music. This may help you connect more, just be careful your date doesn’t feel they’ve been stalked as it may creep them out!


What to say on a date


Let’s face it, first dates can be awkward. Conversation starters can put you both at ease by helping you find more about each other and any shared interests. Remember that non-verbal communication and flirting signals such as eye contact are just as important as any first date conversation ideas.

As the saying goes, ‘be yourself, everyone else is already taken’ is certainly true when dating. Finding out a bit more about your date prior to meeting can also give you some things to talk about on a first date.

Yet some date conversation topics are best avoided. Talking about your ex, money, politics and religion are generally considered taboo for a first date.

Climbing into a bed with fresh sheets is one of life’s simplest pleasures. If your date compliments your choice of bed linen, avoid saying you bought it especially! Instead, say you value sleep – or quote the Dalai Lama who claims ‘Sleep is the Best Meditation’. You’ll earn far more respect!


Want someone to get into your bed?


The bed and its linen are the heart of any hotel room, from luxury hotel pillows to rest your head on to silky soft hotel quality sheets, hoteliers know that nothing makes their guests happier than a great night’s sleep. Luckily, you don’t need a 5* hotel stay or to be an interior design guru to enjoy the same luxury hotel bedding experience. You just need to know where to shop and how to make a luxury hotel bed.


How to choose the best bedding for dating


Many people believe high thread count sheets = high quality, but it’s more complex than that. Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads in a square inch of cloth. In 200 thread count bedding you might have 110 threads running vertically and 90 running horizontally. This gives the fabric a crisp, cool feel. In a 400 thread count cloth, you might find 280 horizontal and 120 vertical threads. This creates a softer, warmer sheet. However, high thread count bed linen isn’t always high-quality bedding. The real mark of quality lies in the thread and weave.

Choosing the best linen for you is a matter of personal preference. Do you prefer cool, crisp linen or a 300 thread count or a silky feel? Either way, buying from a supplier of luxury linen to 5* hotels rather than one of the so-called luxury bed linen brands is a smart move. This luxury bedding, whether it’s a high thread count duvet cover or sateen sheet, will have been chosen for its comfort, style and ability to look and feel good despite repeated washing. Shop Tielle and enjoy the same linen used at world-leading hotels.


White or coloured – what style of bed sheets are best?


Hotel design trends come and go but when it comes to the bed, classic white bedding never goes out of style. An all-white hotel quality bedding conveys cleanliness and style far more than dated patterns and frills.

Take note from the world’s most luxurious hotels too. Tielle’s Savoy bedding, named after The Savoy Hotel – a firm favourite of stars, dignitaries and the global jet-set, selects luxury hotel bedding that delivers a luxurious sleeping experience.


How to create a wow factor bed:

  • Invest in a great bed and mattress

  • Go for sateen or percale classic white sheets

  • Buy one or two plump and supportive pillows

  • Opt for a snug, billowy duvet with a beautiful drape

  • Layer the bed with a gorgeous white cotton bedspread

  • Add larger pillows, accent cushions and a stylish throw

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How to keep your bed sheets looking great


Inbuilt minimalistic bedroom storage is easy to clean and reduces dust from gathering. Re-organising your wardrobe, keeping your floor tidy and vacuuming regularly will also minimise dust from gathering. You should also change your bedding weekly to keep bedbugs at bay.


Washing your bed sheets


How often should I wash sheets? We asked shoppers in Marlborough this question and got a mixed response! Tielle recommends washing your household linen weekly at a minimum of 60C to prevent germs from spreading. Washing weekly also helps your whites stay bright white by washing out the invisible body soils and perspiration that can turn your whites yellow or grey over time. Another common query is ‘can I tumble dry sheets’. The answer’s yes, but avoid over drying and overloading the tumble dryer. Iron the bedding while it’s slightly damp.

We’re often asked how to wash sheets and keep the sheets white for longer, a key rule for this is to wash whites with white to avoid colour run. You also need to attack stains quickly using the right stain removal techniques. Regular washing will also keep your whites white by preventing the soils and perspiration you can and can’t see from discolouring your linen. Avoid overloading your washing so the detergent can get into the fibres and do its job.

Read our guide on cleaning tips for the bedroom

How to always have clean bed sheets ready for unexpected guests


Whether you just want fresh sheets, or because you’re bringing a date home, you should always have three sets of bedding per bed as a general rule. One in use, one in the wash and one spare. Adopting the right folding techniques will also help you organise your storage space too - read our guide to Clutter and folding for more expert advice.