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Interior Design Styling Trends For Summer

Summer is upon us, and with it comes a fresh wave of interior design trends to brighten your home. Whether you’re redecorating a single room or transforming your entire house, these tips will help you create a vibrant, inviting, and stylish space. Let’s dive into the top interiors styling trends for summer 2024.

Summer Colour Palettes

This season, the key to creating a cheerful and refreshing atmosphere is all in the colour palette. Here’s how to get it right:

  • Bright and Pastel Hues: Combine bold colours like sunny yellows and ocean blues with soft pastels for a balanced look. This mix is trending for its ability to energise and soothe simultaneously.

  • Nature-Inspired Shades: Use greens, blues, and yellows inspired by summer landscapes to bring the outdoors in. These colours create a serene and refreshing atmosphere.

  • Earthy Tones: Incorporate terracotta, sage, and ochre for a warm, inviting feel. These tones evoke natural elements, grounding your space. Designers such as Kelly Wearstler frequently utilise these hues to create cosy and sophisticated interiors.


    • Monochromatic Schemes: Use various shades of a single color to create a sophisticated, cohesive look. This trend makes rooms appear more spacious and harmonious. 

    • Colour Blocking: Experiment with large areas of solid colours for a bold visual impact. This technique adds drama and modern flair to any room. This trend originated in fashion and is now widely used, such as this beautiful Tielle-decked room at Cothelstone Manor:


  • Accent Pops: Add small bursts of colour through accessories like cushions and throws. This trend is flexible and easy to update throughout the season.

Table Linen For The Season

Your summer tablescape should be light and breezy. Here’s how to achieve that:

  • Light Fabrics: Choose cotton, linen, or gauze for a relaxed feel. These materials are breathable and elegant, perfect for summer gatherings. The Tielle table linen range is the perfect base for your table.


  • Pattern and Texture: Mix different patterns and textures for visual interest. This adds a unique touch to your table setting. Consider adding natural materials such as rattan or lay a natural jute rug under your table.

  • Seasonal Themes: Use floral prints or nautical stripes to reflect summer themes and enhance the seasonal vibe. 

Decorating With Nature

Bring the outdoors in to capture summer's essence:

    • Natural Fabrics: Use linen and cotton for a cool, comfortable feel. These materials add a natural touch to your home. Designers like Amber Lewis incorporate natural fabrics to create a relaxed, organic look.

    • Plants and Flowers: Fresh or dried flowers and greenery instantly lift any space and improve air quality. Take the lead from Tielle's favourite florist, Willow Crossley with relaxed floral arrangements:

  • Fluid Shapes and Textures: Incorporate ruffles, boucle, and other soft materials to add movement and softness. These textures are trending for their tactile appeal. Designer Justina Blakeney frequently uses these elements to add a bohemian touch to her interiors.
  • Cottagecore Charm: Embrace traditional fabrics like gingham, stripes, and chintz for a nostalgic, cozy feel. The Cottagecore trend has been growing in popularity thanks to interiors and lifestyle accounts such as @mymulberryhouse who portrays a life of country idyll -


  • Seashell Decor: Use seashells as bowls or trinket trays for a coastal touch. This simple decor idea is perfect for summer and has been seen in homes styled by designers like India Hicks.

Sustainable Styling

Eco-friendly decor is more important than ever. Here’s how to style sustainably:

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Choose bamboo, wicker, recycled glass, and reclaimed wood to reduce your environmental impact. 

  • Indoor Plants: Plants not only beautify your space but also improve air quality.

  • Reusable Serveware: Opt for durable, eco-friendly materials like melamine for picnics and outdoor dining. 

  • Upcycling: Refresh old furniture with new paint for a cost-effective, eco-friendly update. You can now buy tester pots of eggshell paint for less than £5, making an upcycle of an unloved piece of furniture extremely effective and affordable.

Outdoor Entertaining

Summer is perfect for alfresco dining and outdoor gatherings. Here’s how to create an inviting outdoor space:

  • Weather-Resistant Furniture: Invest in durable materials that withstand the elements to ensure longevity. 

  • Cotton Tablecloths: Use cotton tablecloths like the Tielle Hemstitch Table Runner and Placemats for a fresh, easy-to-clean base. 

  • Layered Blankets: Layer up chairs with wool herringbone blankets or cosy faux fur throws to keep guests warm on chilly evenings. 

  • Ambient Lighting: Use rechargeable, wireless table lamps to create a romantic atmosphere and extend your gatherings into the night.