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Calling all pampered pooches

We absolutely love it when a client asks us to design and create something bespoke for their guests. These gorgeous robes were designed with care for Nobu hotels, one of a growing number of super-luxury dog-friendly hotels.



With pet ownership having leapt over the last 12 months it makes perfect sense for hotels to provide a warm welcome to their guest's four-legged plus-ones.  The robes are super soft, fluffy and irresistibly cute, in white with a smart black checked trim and in a range of sizes.  Each one comes with a hood and a velcro tie waist to make them comfy and cosy. Simply slip a Tielle towelling bath robe over your wet dog, fasten around the belly and neck with easy-to-use fasteners, and they’re ready to relax.

There is also an option to add a personal touch to each robe with some bespoke embroidery, making it extra special.

Perfect as a gift for any dog lover, to celebrate a doggy birthday or simply a practical way to dry your dog quickly after wet and muddy walks or bath time.  Why not add a sumptuous hotel velour robe, perfect for turning a typical cosy night or morning into an Instagram-worthy photo-op.

But if you’re one of the nearly half of British  dog owners that shares your bed with a pet, how do you sleep? Soundly? Or do Fido’s twitching paws and muted howls jolt you awake.

We asked clinical pet behaviourist Helen Greenley for advice on how dogs sleep, and what we can do to ensure everyone sleeps like a baby or pup.