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5 Benefits of Goose Down Pillows and Duvets

Often described as the most luxurious filling, goose down pillows are nearly always top of the list when it comes to creating a bed that dreams are made of. But are down duvets and pillows really worth the higher price tag and are they right for you?

Few things will make you jump into bed with as much joy as goose down bedding. Soft, fluffy and enduringly warm, a lavishly-filled pillow or duvet made from the finest European goose down clusters will also have been made to strict ethical standards. This makes the higher price tag a small price to pay for luxury and peace of mind.


Nothing beats the snuggly feel of light-as-air down. Lightweight, breathable and warm, pure down is also naturally allergenic, making it ideal for sneeze-free sleeping. However, there are a few caveats to that claim.

The anti-allergenic properties of a pure down duvet and pillow comes down to its quality. In products where the down has been poorly cleaned or manufactured, it’s not unusual for feather fibres, broken feather quills, dust and other undesirables to sneak their way in, triggering the night-time allergies many people attribute to the down itself. For this reason, look for the Downafresh® mark for assurance of the product’s cleanliness. The NOMITE certification assures the high-quality case weave will form a natural barrier against mites.

See what we discovered in high street retailer pillow products in is your pillow all it’s cracked up to be’.

For the best anti-allergy bedding, team your pure goose down pillows and duvet with good quality bed linen and pillow protectors that guard against moisture, dust mites and stains. A well-made 200-400 cotton bedlinen set will be easy to wash, dry and look and feel great for many years, when cared for well. Read our guide to caring for your bedding: how to choose, wash and store your sheets.


High quality goose down is the gold standard of insulation. Ultra-light and amazingly warm, down quickly builds up a pleasant heat while ensuring moisture is constantly wicked away. This makes goose down especially ideal for anyone seeking out a temperature control duvet or temperature control pillow.

Pillows and duvets with inferior fills are a common reason for waking hot and sweaty or cold and shivery. Even if you haven’t woken mid-sleep, waking tired can be a sign of poor sleep as a result of poor quality bedding and sheets. A luxury down duvet or luxury down pillow will naturally regulate temperature and dissipate heat to help you get the best night’s sleep.


A good night’s sleep helps us feel happier, so it’s no surprise hotels do everything they can to help their guests enjoy better sleep. No-one wants a grumpy guest! Whether you’re after luxury down pillows or bed linen that’s super soft, creating a hotel-at-home is easy when you use the bedding and bed linen we supply five-star hotels.

From the hotel goose down pillows we supply to the uber-cool Soho House hotels, to the luxury down duvet used by Claridge’s, Lime Wood and Pig hotels, our goose down bedding has been helping guests get the best night’s sleep for over 30 years. Find out how Tielle can help you create a luxury hotel bed at home in our customer reviews.


When choosing a luxury down pillow or duvet, what suits one person, doesn’t always suit the next. Your sleeper profile, e.g., your sleeping position, along with any back or neck issues and personal preferences, all need considering when choosing the perfect pillow partner. A luxury down duvet also needs to be just the right warmth/weight and size for your bed.

Many pillows are marketed as being the ‘best pillow for support’, but unless you are on the hunt for a ‘reading’ or ‘bed rest’ pillow or have back problems, most people find a pillow mix of feather (structure) and down (softness) offers the perfect balance of comfort and support.

For the ultimate cradle-like comfort, European goose down pillows and duvets, with their larger than duck down cluster sizes, provide an unbeatable balance of puffiness, warmth and support. The cloud-like softness of our ethically-sourced European goose down pillow is ideal for front and back sleepers and is the preferred pillow for hotels including Soho House. Other sleep well bedding products include our popular European goose down duvet.


The saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ couldn’t be truer when it comes to bedding and bed linen. The quality of the materials, the way it’s made and finished all affect a product’s lifespan and luxuriousness, which in turn can influence how well you sleep.

The average person spends about 26 years of their life sleeping and seven years just trying to get to sleep! That’s roughly a third of your day in bed. Given you’re either in your shoes or between the sheets, investing in the highest quality bedding (and shoes) will help you spend your waking time on top form.

While a high thread count isn’t a measure of bed linen quality, your pillow or duvet’s fill type will determine how well it feels, looks and lasts. A well-made European goose down duvet and
European goose down pillow will offer more durability, longevity and comfort than other bedding fills. A pure goose down duvet or pillow is also feather-free, so there’ll be no pesky feathers escaping at night!

Cared for well, a good quality goose down duvet will last for five years, whereas a down pillow will last for around three years – that’s 1,000+ sleeps.


A lot of sins can go into making a natural-filled pillow or duvet, including the way the feather and down is sourced. That’s why the best bed linen suppliers only work with partners that share their ethical values. At Tielle, we want our bedding benefits to extend way beyond a great night’s sleep.

All our sustainable goose down and feather bedding is responsibly sourced, independently
audited for compliance and supplied with the assurance that it has been sourced only as a by-product. Our suppliers are also monitored to ensure they practice the highest standards of care.

This is reflected in our accreditations. All Tielle cases and fills are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, meaning they’re free from harmful substances. Our ethically sourced goose down duvets and pillows also hold the Downafresh ® and NOMITE certifications, making them an anti-allergy best buy.

You can read more about our ethics and sustainability in Making a Positive and Tangible Difference. For further help on creating a planet-friendly bedroom, read our Eco-Friendly Bedroom guide.